Friday, September 25, 2009

Life and it's abundant redundancies

I've been contemplating blogging again because I really enjoy it and realize that with my big mouth I have much to say. However, I think I've been trying to edit myself lately. For what? Who knows.....

I've been wondering lately how people start to think of life and it's daily beautiful little changes. I for one find myself looking around at the world and realizing that the older I get (now 34) the more I take those sweet details for granted. I don't like it though. I vividly remember being a kid and presently I'm caught reflecting my views then to my views now. Like looking at that cloud and making something creative out of it. Or seeing a tree and being wowed by it so much that I HAD to climb it. Or the little laughs about nothing that made life that much sweeter. Or getting in trouble for something and being grounded to my own yard but catching my dad watch me out of the little window of the front door playing outside by myself and touching his heart in a way that he came outside to tell me that I'm no longer grounded. Or playing catch with my mom. Or riding my bike EVERYWHERE and smelling everything around me whether good or bad.

Back to being older, why is it that it's more and more difficult to do all of that now? I try but I can never recreate that blissful feeling of processing the small things into a genuine experience. There are glimpses but it's not the same. It seems as though when life progresses we become more numb and instead of feeling individual stimuli, it all gets grouped together into one lump moment.

Just think about it more so possibly and hopefully we all can be more in tune to the individual moments to share with our kids. They're living it right now as we did when we were children. Perhaps it's just the way it is because of life's daily nuances. Perhaps the old saying 'stop once in awhile to smell the roses' is better understood by me now. Nonetheless, I envy the children for having such moments every minute of every day and hope they don't lose that connection with the world when they become older.

Yet another way the world would be a better place.......but doesn't happen enough.