Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The pussification of America

First, I just want to say to all of the parents out there that won't allow their kids to learn from their own mistakes and screw-ups...STOP IT ALREADY! Your children are going to be the leaders of this country someday and we are in the golden age of the pussification of America. I fear the day that a president will have to wear a helmet just to sit behind his desk out of fear of falling and cracking his cranium because mommy and daddy scared the life out of them with broken bones and germs. I know that's a bit extreme, but how other way can you put it? They will expect a trophy for everything they do because they were taught that just participating is good enough instead of trying to exceed and excel. They'll constantly look for the pat on the back just to get validation that they "done good" by there bosses because they weren't ever taught self worth and personal fulfillment to achieve their goals. People, they have to learn to fail and unless you stop the insanity, it won't stop either damnit and it's a scary thought for me!

Let them fall off the back of the couch. Let them go to the Principal's office for saying a bad thing. Let them drink water from the tap or use regular toilet paper instead of those nice, wet baby wipes. Let them sleep with the window open in their room. Let them play outside with other kids without fear of them getting hit by cars (as long as it's not a busy street!). Let them be kids! Trust what you've done to teach them right from wrong and have faith in yourselves already. That's the biggest issue. Parents don't have the balls to believe that they have done a great job in instilling values and that the stove is hot so don't touch it and are so afraid of appearing to be failures to other parents that they blend that same thinking into the minds of their kids. Also, if you're a teacher, lighten up! They're kids, not adults. They're going to make mistakes so teach them that there are consequences without remembering that they're just kids! They don't have to be robots so ALL order is in store in your classrooms.

Goddamnit, stop!


Jessilala said...

I'm gonna beat my damn kids!

ready4change said...

I could not agree more! While I understand we need to be patient and understanding during the years our children are learning life in general, we need no sugar coat anything. The tougher they are the more resilient they can become.